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Song Lists

Song Lists are located in the bottom left corner of the Library below the Category Tree.

The box is labeled Songs Lists (Click for options). These are general-purpose lists of songs that may be used for any number of purposes. For example, you may want to create a list of songs that need further coding, or a list of songs that need to be recorded, a list of songs to be printed, a list of songs that are eligible to be played as requests, a list of “fill” records, or thematic lists like “rainy day songs” or “love songs” or “A to Z Weekend”.

You can automatically multi-select large numbers of songs in the Library with song lists. Also you can use song lists to highlight songs in the schedule editor. It’s up to your own imagination and your own needs.

Creating A Song List

To create a new song list, on the bottom left corner of the Library click Song Lists > New Song List, type in the name of your song list in the box that pops up and click OK.
Adding / Removing Songs From The Song List

Adding Songs to

To add songs to a song list simply drag and drop them onto the name of the song list that you want to put them into.

Removing Songs from

To remove some songs from a song list, multi-select the songs you want to remove in the song display box. Then click Change > Remove Song(s) from Song List. You may also press on your keyboard.

Removing songs from a song list does not delete the songs from the Library.
Note: Although a Song List is not a category, it does reference songs which reside in a category. If you wish to remove a song from a Song List DO NOT press the Delete key on your keyboard. After a series of warning prompts, this action will REMOVE the chosen song from the Library and any history.

Viewing A Song List

To view the contents of any song list, just click on its name (in the bottom left corner of the Library). The list result will be displayed in the Powergold Library.

Renaming / Deleting A Song List


Song lists may be renamed. Right click on the song list to rename. Then click Rename Song List.


To delete a song list right click on the song list to delete, then click Delete Song List. Deleting a song list does not delete the songs from the Library.

Saving a Song List in a Different Order

You can easily reorder Song Lists in the Library by sorting on a header column. When you have a Song List selected and sorted in the order you want, right-click and choose “Set Current Order as List Order”.

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