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Song Filters

A song filter lets you sort your library on anything. But you can also do much more with song filters. A song filter lets you limit the list of displayed songs to only those that match your criteria, along with the option to sort any way you want.

To create a song filter click the Filters button, on the Library toolbar to open the Custom Song Filter window. You can name and save an unlimited number of different filters. All of your filters are available in the Filter pull down box just above the category tree. By default you see <Unfiltered> which means that all songs will be displayed.

When a filter is chosen, it is applied to All Categories and each Category, Folder, and Packet you click on. When a filter is active, the category tree will be highlighted in yellow, and you will only see a subset of all songs (or songs that meet the Filter criteria you set up).

Using the Custom Song Filter

Here’s how a Song Filter works. When gathering up a list of songs, the value of the song field specified in the Field column is compared against the value entered in the Criteria column, using the logic selected in the Logic column.
The entire list is then sorted, based on the fields that have a non-zero number in the Sort Order column.

New / Delete / Rename / Save / Save As

Click the New button to create a new filter.
Click the Delete button to delete the filter currently open.
If you want to change the name of the filter click the Rename button and type in a new name.
To save a filter at any time, without closing, click the Save button. Filters are also automatically saved when you click Begin Search or switch to another filter.
Click the Save As button to save a copy of the current filter (with all of its filter rules and category selections) under a different name. This is an easy way to create a variation of an existing filter.

Categories / Folders / Packets to Include

In this box click a ‘check mark’ next to each Category, Folder, and Packet that the filter should look in. You can also click the Select All button to immediately put a check next to every one.
Click the Deselect All button to uncheck all selections.
Click the Invert button to reverse your selections.


After clicking the Add a Rule button, the next thing to do is select a field.
Each filter rule must have a field. Pull down the Field box to select from every song field in the system, including all user-defined custom song fields, user-defined research fields, and user-defined properties.

Filter Rules

Each filter is built by adding one or more filter rules. A song must pass each filter rule to be included in the result list. You may set up as many filter rules as you need per filter. Each filter rule is numbered and listed at the bottom of the Filter Rules box.
Click the Add a Rule button to add a filter rule.
Click the Delete Rule button to delete the currently highlighted rule.

Type of Sort

Each filter must use one of the three types of sorts. In this box you may choose from Ascending Order (A..Z), Descending Order (Z..A), or Most Rested Order (Schedule Order).


Logic and Criteria work together. If your filter requires Criteria, it will also need Logic. In the Logic column you may choose from 8 different logical operations:
2. = equals
3. <> not equal to
4. > greater than
5. < less than
6. >= greater than or equal to
7. <= less than or equal to
8. ~= includes

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