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Spread or Shuffle Songs

Spreading gives you the ability to separate the songs within a folder by whatever criteria you choose. For example, to spread songs by property or artist evenly throughout the folder or packet, click the Spread button, or right-click and choose Spread. A list appears where you can choose to spread by a Property, and Individual Artist, or All Artists.

Choose a spread method in the Spread Songs box, then click OK.

By All Artists

Spread by all artists is very powerful spread method. It makes sure all songs by all artists are spread out evenly throughout the folder.
By an Individual Artist
If you choose spread by an Individual Artist, you will then pick an artist from the list of artists that pops up. Spread by An Individual Artist makes sure all songs by the selected artist are evenly spread out throughout the folder.

By Property

Beneath All Artists and An Individual Artist, is a list of each one of your song properties. Choose a property to spread by and click the OK button. All songs that contain the property you chose will be evenly distributed throughout the list of songs in that folder.

By Selected Songs

To spread by selected songs, multi-select some songs in a folder, then click Spread. Then choose Selected Songs from the list of spread methods and click OK. If you find any group of songs in any folder that need to be spread out, this spread method will work.

User Tip:

New Additions to your Playlist

New songs are added to the bottom of their folder. If you add a lot of songs to a folder, you might want to multi-select those songs and spread by Selected Songs to distribute them evenly throughout the folder.


The Spread function can only be used when a folder or packet is selected in the category tree.

Shuffling a Folder or Packet

Shuffling songs does exactly what the name implies; it shuffles the list of songs so they schedule in a new, more randomized order.

Click the Shuffle button on the Library toolbar, or right-click and choose Shuffle.


The Shuffle function can be used on a packet, folder or category selected in the category tree, or the entire library if so desired.

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