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Installing Powergold

To install Powergold must be downloaded from the Internet at

Downloading Powergold from the Internet

On a computer with Internet access, launcha web browser and go to the Powergold web site, Locate the download area and follow the easy on-line instructions to save the file onto the computer. The file is named where is the version number. Be sure to make a note of this file name because it will be needed it for the installation step. After downloading the Powergold file proceed with installation.

Installing from a Web Download

Tip: If the file cannot be located after downloading, click on Start > Find (or Search) > Files or Folders, type in the name of the Powergold file downloaded, then click on the Find Now button.

Shut down all currently running programs.

Double-click on the install file to start the setup program.

In most situations it is recommended going through each step of the install using all of the defaults. The last step is to click the Finish button.

Starting Powergold with the Sample Data

Powergold’s sample database comes complete with a fully coded music library. Any aspect of the data may be changed however it is recommended, for the purpose of demonstration, to examine the data and configuration before making changes to categories, rules, etc.

Click on Start > Programs > Powergold to start up Powergold, or double click the icon on the desktop.

At the Log On screen select the New Database button.

Then select Create & License Sample Database.

By default the sample database directory will be created in the default database location, C:\Powergold Data\Sample.

Once Powergold has created the data directory and populated it with the Powergold sample database, it will prompt to license this data directory. Call Powergold Support, or a local Powergold representative for assistance with licensing data directories.

After licensing the database, at the Log On screen type ‘Administrator’ in the User Name field. Leave the Password field blank.

At the Log On window make sure the Sample folder is chosen in Recent Data Folders and click OK.

Please note: The Powergold sample data is time limited and will expire after the demo period ends. If unable to log into the Powergold sample data because it has expired please check with Powergold technical support or sales.

Starting Powergold after an Upgrade

To start Powergold after upgrading, double-click the Powergold icon on the desktop. Or click Start > Programs > Powergold.

Default Powergold Directory Structure

Unless installed in a different location, the default installation will be in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Powergold

The sample data supplied with the program will be installed in:

C:\Powergold Data\Sample

Network Installation

Powergold may be used stand-alone or in a local area network (LAN) with multiple users accessing a common database at the same time.

In server-based networks the server computer acts as a central data location. All the other computers, known as clients or workstations, get their data from the server.

In peer-to-peer networks one of the workstations can act as a database server for the other workstations.

Powergold supports the use or mapped drives or UNC paths when accessing a database folder. But whichever option is preferred it must be consistent and ensure all users log into a database using the exact same path.

It is highly recommended to consult with a Powergold support agent before configuring Powergold in a networking environment so we can help to best optimize the setup based on current networking hardware/software.

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