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These are the main Powergold keyboard shortcuts, by screen.


F11 = Refresh Screen
F12 = Change Database/Return to logon screen


Ctrl+A = Select All
Ins = Add Song Wizard
T = Search Title
A = Select by Artist
Shift+A = Select by Artist Display Text
H = Show/Hide Song History window
Q = Select by any Field
E = Song Editor
R = Remove from Folder
Del = Delete Song(s) from Database
Ctrl+H =  Song Movement History
Shift+C = Category History
Shift+F = Folder History
Shift+K = Packet History
J  =  Jump (Click on header field first – type to search by field)
F10 Digital Audio Player
F5 = Print
F6 = Print Preview
Ctrl+B = Append Selected Items to Basket
Shift+B = Copy Selected Items to Basket (replace contents)
Shift+Ctrl+B = View/Edit Basket


Del = Delete position
Up = Moves current focus up one clock position
Down = Moves current focus down one clock position
Ctrl+C = Copy the currently selected cell to the clipboard
Shift+C = Copy the entire current clock position to the clipboard


Ctrl+E = Edit
Ctrl+, = Edit Previous Day
Ctrl+. = Edit Next Day
Ctrl+N = Create Schedule(s)
Ctrl+P = Preschedule
Ctrl+F = Finish Schedule
Ctrl+U = Unschedule
E = Exact Duration
P = Previous Violation
N = Next Violation
Shift+P = Jump to previous highlighted position
Shift+P = Jump to next highlighted position
G = Go to Hour
W = Toggle to Previously Active Workspace
H = Toggle between Workspace Favorites
V = Violation Summary
M = Modification Log
Alt+C = Directive Command
Ctrl+M = Command Scheduler
Alt+M = Mark/Unmark as Modified
Up Arrow = Select Up
Down Arrow = Select Down
Alt+Up Arrow = Jump Up to the previous music position
Alt+Down Arrow = Jump Down to the next music position
Shift+Up Arrow = Move Selected Position Up
Shift+Down Arrow = Move Selected Position Down
Ctrl+PgUp = Go to Previous Hour
Ctrl+PgDn = Go to Next Hour
F6 = Highlight by Criteria
Shift+F6 = Saved Highlights

Editing a Schedule

Ctrl+B = Append Selected Items to Basket
Shift+Alt+B = Copy Selected Items to Basket (replace contents)
Alt+B = Paste from basket
Ctrl+Alt+B = Replace by basket
Shift+Ctrl+B = View/Edit Basket
Ctrl+C = Append Selected Items to Clipboard
Shift+C = Copy Selected Item to Clipboard (Replace Existing Contents)
Shift+Ctrl+C = View/Edit Clipboard
Ctrl+V = Paste (insert) Most Recent Line(s) From Clipboard
Shift+Ctrl+V = Paste (insert) Selected Line(s) From Clipboard
Shift+V = Replace Current Position With Most Recent Line From Clipboard
Shift+Alt+V = Replace Current Position With Selected Line(s) From Clipboard
Ctrl+Alt+V + Replace by Clipboard


Q = Quick Replace by any field. Note: Run time can be sorted by clicking on field header)
R = Replace (by category)
T = Replace by Title
A = Replace by Artist Display Text
Shift+A = Replace by Any Artist (As shown in the Artist Separation List)
Ctrl+A = Replace with Same Artist (As shown in the Artist Display Text)
Shift+Ctrl+A = Replace with Same Artist (As shown in the Artist Separation List)
S = Suggest Replace by Category. Note: Is almost the same as a regular replace except, songs that would cause violations, are not shown in the list.
L = Replace by Song List
Ctrl+L =  Replace by Song List (Quick form)
Ctrl+H = Replace by History
C = Replace by Composer
Shift+Ctrl+P = Replace by Property
Alt+P = Replace with Same Property


Del = Delete Position
Ctrl+Del = Delete focussed hour
Alt+Del = Delete Selected Hours
Shift+Del = Unschedule Position
Insert = Insert Note / Song / Command
Shift+Up arrow = Move a song up
Shift+Down arrow = Move a song down
Shift+Ctrl+F = Move the selected position to another location.
F = Flip
Shift+Q = Insert Quick Note
Shift+Insert = Insert Unscheduled Position

Auto Editing Tools

F3 = Run Auto editor (requires one time set up)
F4 = Auto Replace
F5 = Run Fallback Scheduler on current position (requires one time set up)
F6 = Highlight By Criteria
Ctrl+S = Save a Schedule Snapshot
Ctrl+I = Import a Schedule Snapshot

Play Songs

F10 = Play Song
Shift+F10 = Play from highlighted song until end of log
Ctrl+F10 = Play all highlighted songs

Please note that playing songs from either the ‘Music Library’ or the ‘Scheduler’ requires that your audio files are mapped correctly.
You may choose Windows Media Player or click Navigate Powergold > Manage > Digital Audio Player Configuration and select your audio player of choice (VLC, WinAmp or similar).

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