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12 CHR Music Format Clocks You Can Adjust & Apply Today [Download]

by Thomas Giger of www.radioiloveit.com Wanna’ revamp your Top 40 radio format music-wise? These 12 Contemporary Hit Radio music scheduling format clocks may help you get going. As a music director, you’re busy dealing with programming & music meetings, record labels, station events, and — last, but not least — your daily music scheduling duties, […]


by Thomas Giger of www.radioiloveit.com How to build a new station in a competitive radio market? This case study of Australia’s smoothfm is teaching good lessons for every launch team. Australia’s NOVA Entertainment is mostly known for its CHR brand NOVA, but is now even more successful through their Soft AC format smoothfm with FM frequencies in Sydney and Melbourne, and […]

From Europe with Love: 10 Ways We Achieve Music Variety Despite Genre Quotas

by Thomas Giger of www.radioiloveit.com Achieving quotas can be a serious challenge for radio stations. Luckily, there are many ways we use our music quota rules for maximum advantage. ‘Make the best of existing music quota’ Know your format regulations Maintaining cultural heritage; ensuring format variety; supporting record companies; protecting public radio / restricting commercial […]


This is a guest post by Stephen Ryan of Ryan Research for Radio))) ILOVEIT If you run a music station, your music fans are driving your ratings, so your callout research should be focused on your P1 nucleus (and that of your main competitor). Following a 3-part article on auditorium music testing, radio research specialist Stephen Ryan was […]

How To Make Your TOP 40 Radio Station A Massive Hit

by Thomas Giger of www.radioiloveit.com Rolling format clocks for less predictive positions and maintaining genre balance for more satisfied audiences matters in scheduling music for Top 40 radio stations. Music scheduling for Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) formats causes an interesting challenge: how to create enough variety despite a limited playlist? Consultant Robert Johansson likes to use various clock grids […]

Understand Music Research

Being a great music programmer is not just about making your scheduling software ‘sing’. You also need the ability to interpret research in order to fully understand what your listeners want to hear on your station. Examining the variety of data and information freely available from other sources and media will only take you so […]

Context Is King

We’ve received some great feedback on our new ‘Snapshot’ and ‘Peek’ features found in the latest version of Powergold 12. If you’ve yet to update or grab your free demo, here’s just some of the reasons why these two great features may work for you. Snapshot. As the name suggest, think of ‘snapshots’ as a […]

Timing Is Everything

One step on from our posting on making more appointments to listen is to actually reach those appointments on time. We all know that getting to the travel news two minutes late on morning drive can ruin somebody’s day, right? You want to respect the music too so fading a song is definitely out. So […]