Understand Music Research

Being a great music programmer is not just about making your scheduling software ‘sing’. You also need the ability to interpret research in order to fully understand what your listeners want to hear on your station. Examining the variety of data and information freely available from other sources and media will only take you so far. When you want to up the ratings and steal listening from your competitors you need data and analysis specifically tailored to your station. A consultant will assist you to analyze data from music tests or, if budgets demand, you can try to analyse the results yourself. There’s a lot to interpret and you need to be able to identify the key results which will match and enhance your specific station’s format.
In this third article from Ryan Media and Research in the UK, leading radio consultant Stephen Ryan suggests ‘Not One Size Fits All’. Ryan takes a look at how to collate data and how to make sense of it. With tips on how to schedule your core songs while making good use of more difficult material, this excellent third article will help you to better understand music research in order to maximize your strategic planning.
This article is reproduced with thanks to Ryan Media and Research Ltd, and Radio ILOVEIT. Don’t forget, to get the most out of Powergold 12 there are over thirty excellent articles on the subject of Music Scheduling on their site.
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