Micropower Launches New Branding For Powergold Music Scheduling At The Worldwide Radio Summit In Los Angeles

Launches New Branding: Logo, Website, and Social Media Announces Alignment of Company Management Reveals Imminent Powergold Software Releases
Little Rock, AR, April 14, 2016 – Micropower Corporation (Micropower) introduces newly evolved branding – including a new logo, website, and social media presence for its Powergold Music Scheduling software. www.powergold.com
“We are thrilled to present this exciting evolution of the Powergold brand,” says Lance Olvey, CEO/CTO of Powergold. “We already knew we were long recognized as the industry’s fastest, most intuitive music scheduling software. However, we were especially gratified when our clients rated us #1 in the industry in a recent survey for our ease of use, control of music flow, radio experience, and support and training. Our new branding celebrates our continued commitment to excellence in programming and personalized service,” adds Olvey.
At the same time, the company recognizes Lance Olvey’s leadership as one of the original authors of Powergold for Windows, and a Micropower team member for two decades, with the title of CEO/CTO. Brandon Olvey, who steers the operations of the company, moves from general manager to COO.
“This realignment is really a reflection of the roles we already play on a day-to-day basis,” says Brandon Olvey. “The power of Powergold really is in our people – an amazing team of radio and computing professionals from across the world who provide our clients with the benefit of their programming knowledge and expertise every day to help them excel in their markets.”
Micropower also reveals its exciting next iterations of the Powergold Music Scheduling software – Powergold SQL and Powergold CL.
“Engineers and programmers alike will love our next iteration of Powergold,” says Lance Olvey. “Powergold SQL not only delivers the hallmark features Powergold is already known for – such as cross-station rules, history sharing, and cross-station history reporting – but it will be even faster than ever before, which will make scheduling over any LAN or WAN a breeze and pave the way for deeper integration with automation and other systems.” Adds Olvey, “Powergold SQL does not require the heavy duty server power and resulting high costs presented by other solutions in the marketplace.”
“As a programmer of broadcast programming software, Lance is considered a visionary,” exclaims Steve Silby, Sales Manager, UK and Ireland, for Powergold. “Powergold’s scalable rules were revolutionary and our subsequent introduction of Priority Rules with Flexible Core redefined ease of use in music scheduling. There is nothing else like it in the industry.” Adds Silby, “Just wait until our clients see what’s coming next!”
Powergold CL (Central Library) enables groups to place all their library data in one location, therefore allowing for individual station-level song values (which can differ from the global values and even from other station values). Already in Beta, Powergold CL delivers unprecedented control of all on-air programming.
“We’ve been building multi-user and multi-station technology for almost a decade, first with Powergold’s Adaptive Interface and then with Powergold’s Collective Server and Collective Database,” explained Lance Olvey, CEO/CTO of Micropower. “Powergold Central Library offers the highest level of central library control in the industry yet, and requires much lighter server demands than any other solution.”
Powergold will be on-site at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Los Angeles April 13-15, 2016. Please reach out to Brenda Burt to schedule a demo: +1-800-870-0033, +1-501-821-1123, sales@powergold.com, or visit www.powergold.com/demo.
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Powergold has long been recognized as the industry’s fastest, most intuitive music scheduling software. It is the first choice of the world’s finest music technicians, making it the programmer’s programming software. Powergold’s intelligent programming tools are not only smarter than the competition, they also help you work faster and more creatively. And that means a superior music experience for you and your audience. Powergold® is registered trademark of Micropower Corporation, serving the broadcast industry since 1988.
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