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System Requirements

Powergold Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 or higher is supported, but for the best experience Windows 10 or 11 is recommended.  Windows Server 2012 R2+ is also supported (Windows Server 2016 or higher recommended).  Powergold fully supports virtualization.

Powergold NXT requires Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or higher (SQL Server 2017 or higher recommended, SQL Server 2019 being strongly preferred).  All SQL Server editions, including the free Express edition, are fully supported and are performant.  Powergold support can install and configure SQL Server 2019 Express for you at no additional charge.


  •  Processor:  Any modern computer capable of running Microsoft Windows with good performance will work great with Powergold.  An Intel i5 or higher CPU is recommended.
  •  RAM:  Powergold runs great on the minimum RAM required by the hosting Microsoft Windows version.  But in general, 4 GB or higher is recommended for best performance.  8 GB or higher is ideal.
  •  Disk space:  Powergold requires less than 500 MB for install.  Microsoft SQL Server requires anywhere from 1 GB to 6 GB, depending on which components are chosen during install.  An SSD drive is recommended as it provides exceptional performance on the computer hosting the database.
  •  Powergold requires a minimum 1366×768 display resolution.  However, a more modern higher display resolution (such as 1920×1080) is highly recommended for an optimum experience.


When Powergold is used in a networked environment a minimum of 100 Mbit speed is recommended. 1000 Mbit offers best performance, but Powergold is capable of performing well even over wireless and VPN/WAN connections.

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