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Licensing Powergold

Click the License button to renew the license on any data set. The data directory currently chosen in the Recent Data Folders box is the one that gets the license renewal.

The license renewal window is available from two places. First, by clicking the License button on the logon window. It can also be accessed from the main menu. Choose Navigate Powergold > Database > License Renewal. Also if attempting to log on to the Powergold database with an out-of-date license, the license renewal window will automatically appears. Call one of the listed Powergold Support phone numbers to talk to a support agent for a license renewal. The process takes just a few seconds and is easy to do. There are two methods of licensing to choose from, manual and automatic licensing via the internet.

Manual Licensing
Enter the information into each field and Tab to the next.

Today’s Date
Today’s Date will display today or whatever date the computer is set. This date must be accurate, and must be the same date that the support person sees on their computer on the other end of the phone, or the renewal will fail.

Current Expiration Date
Current Expiration Date is the last date the software will work under the current license. After license renewal this is the date that advances forward.

Company is the call letters of the radio station or name of the broadcast company. This must match exactly (it is case sensitive!) what is given the support person on the other end of the phone.

License Term
License Term is the number of days, from today, to extend the license expiration date. This number must exactly match the number you are given over the phone.

Validation Code
This is a numerical code that must read to the support agent. The support agent will read back a longer code which will be an alphanumeric string. As soon as the information is entered into the right side of the validation code field, the six digit number will disappear. This is normal behavior.

Version Number
This is the version number of the Powergold software installation. The support agent will ask to confirm the version number.

Read This Number
Read This Number contains four sets of numbers to be read to the support person over the phone after all of the above information is correct.

Renewal Number
Renewal Number is the number that the support person reads back. This number must be entered correctly.

Click the OK button when ready. A box will pop up that indicates whether or not the license renewal was successful. Click the Close button when finished.

Automatic Licensing
If the computer running Powergold has an active internet connection, and the Network Administrator allows it, an automatic update to the license keys may be available.
This requires a broadband Internet connection and standard FTP ports to be open. The automatic licensing screen opens by default and requires the user to enter their name and company name. Please wait until advised by the Powergold support agent to click the button marked AutoLicense. The support agent will access the account and if it is valid and up to date, authorize the automatic license.

The AutoLicense feature now allows the user to define proxy credentials when required. AutoLicense can also support alternate licensing server information for some clients on a closed system (no outside internet access but intranet access to their own FTP server).

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