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Creating a New Data Folder

To create a Powergold database, from the Logon window click the New Database button.  You should always use Powergold to create this folder, although this folder may reside in a nested folder created by, for example, Windows Explorer.

Next, a dialog appears that asks ‘What would you like to do?’.  Click Create & License a New Database.  This opens the Create Database dialog.  In the first field you should type in the name of your new data directory.  We recommend you use your station’s call letters or the name of the format.  This will serve to identify each data folder clearly if you have more than one.
Next choose the location to create your new data directory folder.  The recommended database location is  C:\Powergold Data.  Or you may click the browse button to create your new data directory folder in a selected location.
Then at the bottom of the Create Database dialog window you should enter you company name.
Finally, select the Create Database button. This will create your new data directory in the specified location.

Next you should telephone Powergold Support or your authorized Powergold distributor to license the directory.  After you  have received your license you can restore a Powergold data backup into the newly licensed data directory, or import your data into the blank database.  It is a requirement to telephone for a database license before the new directory may be used, even if you are preparing to use automatic licensing.

Powergold supports both UNC and mapped file paths.  Be consistent and ensure all users accessing the database map the same path.  Powergold data can reside locally or anywhere on a network.

Important notice for users upgrading from a previous version
Any new major version of Powergold requires an automatic database conversion (for users on a lower major version number than the currently available release version).  The same rules apply that have always applied to any Powergold database conversion version:

Once a database is converted it cannot be accessed via a prior version of Powergold.

You must create a database backup prior to converting any database.  In the unlikely event of a problem during your conversion Powergold support will need to walk you through some simple steps to restore your database properly.

In the unlikely event of a database conversion failure or any error messages during the conversion you should contact Powergold support for help.  A database conversion must complete successfully or the database could be left in an incomplete state.  If there are any problems during the conversion please contact Powergold support even if everything appears fine.

Once a database is converted it cannot be accessed via other network users unless they are on the exact same version of Powergold.

The database conversion will happen the first time a database is opened using the new version.  A database conversion could take some time to complete (depending on the database itself and if it is located on a network).  You should perform the database conversion only when you are certain you have available time for it to complete.

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